Aswan is known as the site of the Cataracts and has an extensive history. Now with the completion of the High Dam, Aswan continues to be in the highlights and adds one more tail piece to its destiny. From the very beginning, it was the gateway to the south and the natural route along which trade passed from the heart of Africa to Egypt. The ancient Egyptians named it Swnw (the market) because of its commercial importance and the main source of the fine and coarse quality granite from which builders and sculptors drew their supplies. Thanks to its dry climate and unique situation, Aswan has justly acquired an international reputation. For those who love calm and repose, no better place can be found! Here the Nile flows through granite rocks and the golden desert while palm trees and farm lands cover the banks.

Most famous tourist attractions in Aswan:
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Kom Ombo
Philae Temple
Unfinished Obelisk
Abu Simbel
High Dam


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