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  • We have traveled with Guardian 3 times and has been treated like family. We also appreciated our guide’s deep and broad knowledge about the history and mythology of Egypt. For us it has also been important that all practical things e.g. accommodations and transportations has worked out perfect. We are looking forward to next trip with you!- Eva, Anders and Ida Wiger, Stockholm, Sweden
  • Dear Mohammed, Thank you for the opportunity to have traveled to Egypt twice with Guardian Travel and your Father. Our journeys involved two large groups of people, over 50 in number, who were moved seamlessly throughout the trip with the utmost care. Within a day or two we all felt like family, like we were visiting long lost friends. No matter whether we traveled by boat, bus or plane no issue was overlooked. The specific interests of the group were taken into account and at no time did we feel like we were on a "canned" tourist trip. We were given first class attention wherever we went, a testimony to your families reputation within your country. I feel like I created a long term relationship with all of you and will never forget my two trips to Egypt. All my love and blessings,- Sheri
  • Guardian Travel has organized two trips to Egypt for me and my group. I recommend them regularly to friends and family who are planning travel to Egypt. They have been professional, kind, and are very knowledgeable as guides. In addition, the Fayed family has a special link to the essence of Egyptian history that brought a sense of depth and true connection to our journey.- Anandra George, Event Planner

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